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Bruce Babad – CalJAS Student Scholarship Director

Another goal of the organization is to organize and promote jazz workshops for students and adults. Young guitarists, for example, will be able to attend free, or for a nominal charge, a workshop by some of the most well known guitarists in the field of jazz. Similarly, saxophonists, pianists, vocalists, drummers, bassists, etc., will also be able to attend workshops by leading players. Our first workshop was presented in October 2005 in conjunction with the Empire Music Teachers Association featuring the wonderful jazz pianist Karen Hammack and jazz performances from students ranging in age from 6 to 16.  2006 gave students several opportunities to perform in a concert venue with professional jazz musicians.  In 2007 we instituted the CalJAS SCHOLARp stm IMG_0013 WSSHIP PROGRAM, giving promising young students an opportunity to study with some of LA’s finest jazz musicians.  2009 featured two HOUSE CONCERTS in which our students were able to perform with noted jazz artists.  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 offered some of our students the opportunity to perform at the prestigious STEAMERS JAZZ CAFE.  We were also pleased to present some of our students at the 2012 and 2014 Muckenthaler Jazz Festival with the CalJAS All-Stars. Under new Director Bruce Babad, 2015 promises to increase performance opportunities as well as expand the scholarship program for promising students.

Music teachers who would like to arrange a workshop for their students, or recommend someone for a CalJAS scholarship should contact us at Dale175@aol.com





CalJAS Lesson Scholarships
The California Jazz Arts Society is now awarding single lesson scholarships for prospective musicians/singers/artists of all ages. Interested students …or teachers recommending students… should contact CalJAS at www.caljas.org.  CalJAS instructors include Kate Reid, Ron Kobayashi,  Luther Hughes, Baba Elefante, Joe Jewell, Bruce Babad, Matt Falker, Robert Kyle, Jon Mayer,  Bruce Forman,  Frank Potenza, Pat Kelley, Sara Gazarek…and many more.   
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Mr, Boatman,
Thank you for so much for such a wonderful opportunity!  The lesson was great and thank you once again.
Ashley Miner                  p stm IMG_0140 WS



Dear Mr. Boatman,

This is Kalvin Blake recipient of the April scholarship lesson. I just wanted to let you know that I completed my lesson with Matt Falker on Monday and it was truly a wonderful experience.  In the short time we had Matt not only helped me with some charts I’m singing but also taught me some very valuable things that I will continue to use through out my musical career.  Thank you so very much for this great opportunity to better myself and learn more about the music I love.


Kalvin Blake                    p stm IMG_0136 WS



Hey there Mr. Boatman!
I feel so privileged to be apart of this organization and it has taken me to places, so far, that I never anticipated experiencing!  I am forever grateful for everything you and CalJAS have done and are continuing to do for me!  Thank you so much  these wonderful opportunities:)
Lia                                    p stm IMG_0146 WS

Mr. Boatman,  


Thank you so much for the jazz drumset lesson I had with Paul Kreibich. He is a very knowledgeable instructor and I greatly enjoyed my time learning from him. I will put what he has told me into practice, which should greatly enhance my playing.
Thank you, 
Hayden Schultz

Mr Dale Boatman,

My name is Gabriella Ortega I am the bari sax player for the jazz ensemble at Workman High School. Thank you very much for the free lesson with Bruce Babad.  I never had a lesson with professional sax player or with anyone. The lesson was very impactful on my sax playing. I will not forget my first lesson…ever.  Thank you again.  
With gratefulness,
Gabriella Ortega

Hi Dale,


I just got back from my lesson with Pat Kelley. I had an amazing time and learned tons of awesome new ideas. Pat is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable guys I have ever met. He walked me through his book “arpeggios for the evolving guitarist” and sent me home with it.  I will have something to work on for a very long time, after all the information he left me with. I can’t thank you enough!”



Dear Mr. Boatman,


I recently was awarded the CalJAS scholarship and I would like to share the great experience I had.  Mr. Bruce Babad was the teacher for my lesson. Mr. Babad is an excellent teacher and I learned a great deal from my lesson. He led me through a structured lesson in which he worked with me on various scale exercises and improvising techniques. In addition, he assisted me in choosing a jazz mouthpiece to further improve my tone quality. The entire lesson was very informative and I look forward to another lesson.


Matthew Caballero                 p Muckenthaler 2014 Jun 00 IMG_0399 WS



Dear Dale and CalJAS, 
THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity to have a lesson with the incredible Kate Reid!  It was extremely fun, and very informative!  The ideas and expertise she shared will be something I think of often and incorporate into my studies of jazz!

I feel so extremely honored to have been given this opportunity!


p stm IMG_0143 WS

My personal best,
Bethany Van Hofwegen


Hi Dale,
Steve Barnes and I met yesterday and the lesson was excellent.  Steve had a ton of great advice and several philosophies on playing that I have already begun working on.  The best thing is that all of the information was communicated in a positive manner as Steve seems to be a very positive person.  We will definitely be meeting again in the near future.  Thank you Dale and your amazing CalJAS organization for providing opportunities like this to me and other fortunate students. 
Thanks again Dale.
Brandon Miller

Dear Mr. Boatman,

I would like to take the time to thank you for helping our band out by finding scholarship money.   It’s very much appreciated by our soloist, including myself, and the rest of our band. It was a luxury to have the great Bruce Babad come and give us his words of wisdom.  I can’t put into words how excited I was when I heard I was getting a lesson. Just an hour of his time has improved my ability by a long shot. I have a lot more confidence in my sound and it shows in my performance. I’m very appreciative of the time you took to help us out.

Mr. Boatman,

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have a lesson with Kate Reid. This society helps young artists push to practice harder and inspires me to be the best musician I can be.

Truly grateful, Rachel St. Marseille


My lesson with Sara went well.  She gave me a different perspective and good tips. It was interesting experiencing the differences between Sara Gazarek and Kate Reid and I took very valuable things from both of them!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunities that CalJAS has presented to me!  I hope very much to continue and take advantage of everything I can!
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Mr. Boatman,
My lesson with Mr. Potenza was a great experience.  Even if he hadn’t of spoken, just from playing with him I became more aware of the importance of feel and non-verbal communication.  When he did speak it was pure wisdom and I thank CalJAS for giving me this opportunity to study with him. 
Again,thank you for helping me create this priceless connection!



Dear Dale and The California Jazz Arts Society,
Thank you so much for this incredible scholarship! I deeply appreciate your consideration for this scholarship and am grateful for the opportunity to study with Kate Reid.  The work that you do for jazz is so important and I am so thankful to be a part of it.
With Gratitude,
Sherrine Mostin

Dear Mr. Dale Boatman

I would just like to take my time to say thank you for your generosity and kindness to give students like me a grand lesson from the master himself, Mr. Bruce Babad. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and without your help I wouldn’t have been able to receive a lesson such as that. It was an honor to meet him, yet alone soak up all the information he was willing to give. I can’t thank you enough for this
experience because I gained plenty more knowledge after a one hour session with him. I know that your hard work in finding that scholarship
money was greatly appreciated not only to me, but as well as in the eyes of our band. With the rate our economy is going right now, it’s hard to find money to get a top notch instructor to come and help me on an individual basis. I really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to
just help us out.

Thank You,
Decerry Donato – Tenor Saxophone