CalJAS House Concert - Frank Potenza and Dale Boatman

CalJAS House Concert - Glenn Cashman and Kate Reid

CalJAS House Concert - Luther Hughes and Frank Potenza

CalJAS House Concert - Kristin Korb

CalJAS House Concert - Danielle DeAndrea and Bruce Forman

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About The California Jazz Arts Society – CalJAS

The California Jazz Arts Society (CalJAS) is a Public Benefit Corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation law for public and charitable purposes 501(c)(3). The specific purpose of this corporation is to preserve and promote jazz and other American art forms through programs that include public concerts, workshops and presentations.

CalJAS Concert Series

The primary activity of the organization is to plan, organize, present, and promote concerts by prominent artists, mostly in intimate settings in which interaction with the audience can take place….

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Jazz, Magic, and the Hollywood Magic Castle

Beginning in 2005 and through 2011, The California Jazz Arts Society, in conjunction with the World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle, presented THE MAGIC OF JAZZ, a jazz concert series in that prestigious venue. Although a private club ……. Read More

Jazz in Clubs

In 2009, CalJAS began a successful collaboration with the esteemed STEAMERS JAZZ CLUB AND CAFE, a relationship that continues ….. Read More

Festivals and Collaborations

CalJAS has been a sponsor of the annual INLAND VALLEY JAZZ FESTIVAL in Ontario, THE LONG BEACH JAZZ FESTIVAL  and the UPLAND MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL.   Since June 2011….

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Jazz Workshops for Students

Another goal of the organization is to organize and promote jazz workshops for students and adults. Young guitarists, for example, will be able to attend free, or for a nominal charge, a workshop ….. Read More

Art Exhibits and Other Activities

Art exhibitions, whether thematically connected to American Jazz, presented in conjunction with jazz concerts, or as separate activities, are an additional goal for our organization in its efforts to promote and preserve jazz ….

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Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of CalJAS.  You have been doing great work to keep the music alive and assure it’s future. 

Its always a pleasure to participate in CalJAS events as player or teacher.  Seeing the growth of the young musicians is a joy. Thank you to Dale and everyone at CalJAS.

Paul Kreibich

Congratulations for your 10 years and growing.  Your student education program, house parties and all of your other efforts are ost admirable in music education.  We thank you.

Bill Klinghoffer

President, Friends of Jazz Inc.

Dear Dale and all the members of CalJAS.

My heartiest congratulations on your 10th anniversary.  The world needs more people like you who love jazz and help it to thrive by cutivating new audiences and nurturing new talent.  Bravo!  I wish you many more years of continued success.   Best regards.

Frank Potenza

Professor, Chair Studio/Jazz Guitar Program, Flora L. Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California

We congratulate you on your 10 year anniversary of CalJAS and commend you on your ongoing dedication to keeping jazz music alive along with the workshops and scholarships for young musicians.

Howard Rumsey and Nancy Simonian

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!  That is an amazing testament to your passion and commitment to jazz in the community.  Thank you Dal  (and your team) for all that you do for the music.  Here’s to another 10!  All the best.

Kristin Korb

CalJAS has already done a world of good!  Thanks for supporting the musicians, the music, and the talented students too!

Glenn Cashman

Director, Jazz Studies, Colgate University, NY

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