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The California Jazz Arts Society would like to thank the following Honorary Members for their generous donations and continued support which make our efforts possible

The Boatman Family 
Barbara Musselman
David and Evelyn Gusseck 
Dan and Joanne August 
David Becker and Maria Wortham  
Richard and Kathy Castillo 
John and Linda Dersch 
Sandra Grajeda 
Roger Krechmery and Sharon Goodrich 
Julien Minard 
Sharon Regalado 
Janet Minard Schnyder
Nancy Simonian 
John and Rita Watts
Linda Zeigler 
Sandy Baldonado 
James Beagle 
Betsy Bowering 
Jim and Rozanne Churchill 
Terri Elders and Dr. Frank Stern 
Iris Feltenberg and Wil Tomkiel
Larry Fox 
David Fuller 
Angel and Grace Garcia 
Jim and Donna Harlan 
Harvey and Maria Hoyo 
Pat and Vaughn Jenkes 
Frank Kanahele
Thomas and Glenna Kipp 
Bill and Jean Klinghoffer 
Vicky Kuhn 
Joel and Betty Latimer 
Keith and Cathy Liddle 
Milt and Carole Lyles 
Rich and Sue Lundberg 
Chris and Diane Masson 
Jim and Kathy McEwan 
David Maxwell 
Andrea Parisi 
Joyce Rehfuss
Ed and Kathy Roberts
SIlvia and Jorge Rodriguez 
Alan and Alannah Rosenberg 
Mike and Sue Sanders 
John and Jane Sears 
Alan and Pauline Shiraki
Cliff and Priscilla Silver 
Loralee Singman 
Tony Soulias and Jill Skolnik 
Lori Smith 
Mary Somerlott 
Deborah Stevens 
Brian and Georgia Tanaka  
Daniel and Susan Thom 
Don and Nora Travis 
Colleen Wadsworth
Gene and Gail Watkins 
Mike and Connie Weeks 
Madeline V. Arterburn
Betty Battenburg
Judith Beeley 
Don Bender 
Martin Bick  
Bobbi Blair
Bill Borjan
Sue Champe 
Kathy Coffin
Gary Davis 
Bill and Gigi Day 
Melodye Dewine  
Sharon Douglas 
Diane Frank 
 Mary Ellen Frawley
Anne Heck
Mark and Reiko Isbell
Sue Lewis 
Deborah Newmark
Kay Poggi 
Clara Rosenberg 
Aline Sardao 
Carolee Shoemaker 
Ginny Staggers
Peter Vasilovich
Ralph Williams 
Allen Wolfe 
Bernice Goetz 
Bob and Maggie Higgins 
Michele Newsum
Paul and Maureen Travalini 
Dennis Aigner and Camille Bertolet
Luther and Becky Hughes